Do you like going on day trips to the seaside, drinking cider, eating Japanese food, playing old-school video games, vintage shops, drinking cider, football, rock music, drinking cider, getting out of the city, travelling and drinking cider? If you do, then this is the site for you. And even if you don’t, this might still be the site for you. 

We live in London and we decided to write a guide to all the best places that are roughly 2-3 hours from our home city by train or plane (sometimes more if we’re on our holidays). The coolest, most-fun places to go when you’re feeling like London (or wherever you might live) is just too much and you want a change of pace. A new perspective on life. A sniff of the sea or a shopping spree in a new city. A bloody great glass of cider. 

So we’ve put this website together to guide you in your travels. We do all our own travelling, so bear with us (none of what we do is sponsored) if your fave London escape isn’t here. And if you want to tell us about it, get in touch below. 

Enjoy leaving London. Because the good thing is, you can always go home again. 

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