11 of the best… Japanese restaurants in London

11 of the best… Japanese restaurants in London

You don't have to go all the way to Tokyo to eat delicious Japanese food – And we can prove it, wiTH 11 of our favourite Japanese restaurants in the capital listed below. We’ve eaten at them all (some several times!) and they all hit the spot when it comes to Japanese flavours, atmosphere and noodles.

So in no particular order… get ready to say ‘oishii’ (Japanese for ‘delicious’) when you slurp your ramen or nibble on your gyozas here!

Bone Daddies


Funky chain serving up delicious ramen in big portions, plus izakaya-style 'pub food' (things on sticks). Cool atmos and high stools at the one in Farringdon.


The best ramen we've eaten in London. Proper Hakata-style tonkotsu broth, flavoursome and rich. Plus the cocktails and service are excellent.


Housed in a gorgeous old building in Brixton, this place rocks on a Friday night. Delicious Japanese-style dishes including chicken karaage and a brie katsu.

Monocle Cafe

Go and browse the magazines, then head downstairs for a typical Japanese breakfast of rice balls, miso and omelette. Delicious.


Get ready to say ‘oishii’ when you slurp up noodles or nibble on gyoza

Ramen Sushi Takoyaki Katsu Okonomyaki

Shoryu Ramen

Another ramen chain but this one has a never-ending selection of noodles, including the classic tonkotsu, ‘Dracula’ tonkotsu with garlic, and a piri-piri variety too! They also do takoyaki, making them a firm favourite of ours.

Flesh & Buns

Bone Daddies' slightly posher, more upmarket restaurant in Seven Dials, serving up buns and meat and not much else. It's good, then, that the buns and meat are all yum.

Sake No Hana

Try the Japanese afternoon tea served here – it doesn't disappoint (but it is a little on the pricey side). The swish upstairs restaurant is paired with a down'n'dirty Tokyo bar below ground. A lot of fun.



We love okonomyaki! And while this might not be quite as good as the real deal in Osaka, it’s a tasty attempt at this very-Japanese-indeed speciality.


Don’t be put off by the décor – this is a delicious sushi and tempura restaurant hidden away in Croydon’s South End. Great-value sushi, don bowls and bento boxes.


Fun and funky, this is another place for a special occasion. Great cocktails are paired with delightful Japanese junk-food favourites, sushi and pork-belly buns.


Old-school Japanese restaurant hidden down an arcade by Baker St station. A bit dark inside, but the food is good and the service charming. We love the katsu curry here.